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Do any of these sound like you?

“I left my church when I realized I couldn't be my gay self there. I haven't gone back in 30 years.”

“I feel closer to God when I'm in drag, but I can't explain it and I don't know with whom I can talk about it.”

“My family sent me to a religious boot camp to cure me of being Queer. I'm spiritual but not religious.”

“I don't need God as much as I need sex, and I know I can't have both.”

“I am Trans. How do I think of myself as created in God's image?”

“I am Straight, but what I was taught about how to be Straight feels oppressive and alienating.” 


If so, imagine feeling...

...a sense of blessing in your sex life and in your relationships.

...you are loved by God for being exactly who you are.

...secure in the connection of your body and your sexuality to God.


I created Queer Spiritual Counseling™ for you...

...so you could talk about God and Spirit and Queerness with someone who understands you.

...so you could draw on the best of World religious thought to help you have the most meaningful Queer life possible.

...to heal the hurts of exclusion and oppression that religious communities and authorities may have caused you.

...to reconnect you to the Divine Energy of the world and help you find blessing in the life you lead.

...to find the healing truth in core texts like the Bible that have been misused to oppress you.


Ultimately, Queer Spiritual Counseling™ teaches that being Queer – whether we're Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, or a loving Ally to the Queer community – gives us an advantage in knowing God or understanding the mystery of human existence.


Because God is Queer and so is the Universe.

Come, join me in the conversation.

Let's talk about God. Let's talk about you.



As the first step, let me offer you the Embracing the Divine in your Body Meditation Package, which consists of:

  • some blessings you can say for your body,
  • an audio meditation guided by me for you to feel Divine in your body, and
  • a manifesto of Queer Spiritual Counseling™.


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